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OrthoMedical began their business 22 years ago in Pocatello, Idaho with one product called a knee CPM machine. This machine is used after various knee surgeries and is beneficial for regaining range of motion. We have continued to expand our product line through the years, now carrying over 50 durable medical equipment items!  In 2020, we began supplying pregnant and new mothers with many different brands of Breast Pumps and maternity belts/bracing. We pride ourselves in customer service and personally deliver our products to you (locally). We also have many other orthopedic medical supplies such as knee scooters, various bracing, walking boots, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs etc. We love being a part of and supporting the communities in Southeast Idaho. We are proud sponsors of many events and love giving back to our local schools and programs.

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Our goal is to assist the patient through the entire recovery process.  You can count on OrthoMedical to provide you with the most up to date products and the best care and service you deserve.  We love working in our community and helping patients in their rehabilitation and recovery.

Features and Benefits of BabyBrace®

  • This a modular brace (not a Support) and was designed by me (an Orthopaedic Surgeon). I designed the brace to check “all the boxes” that competitor supports fail to do.
  • It works by supporting the under-surface of the belly (like cradling hands), improving the patient’s bio-mechanics and center of gravity. 
  • BabyBrace® is easy to use and not confusing at all.
  • Can be easily adjusted to conform to patients of different sizes, stature, and body weight, including through the course of pregnancy and post-natal changes.
  • BabyBrace® is a 2 and 1 brace that can be used postpartum because the majority of patients who have pregnancy related back pain will also have post-natal pain.
  • The post-natal panels can be used to treat symphysis pubis diastases (a separation of the pubic bones) which is a frequently under-diagnosed complication after vaginal delivery and extremely painful to women.
  • BabyBrace® can be beneficial to high risk pregnant patients who are likely to develop severe back pains as well as patients with prior back pain/injuries, prior back surgery, obesity, smokers, and multiple pregnancies.
  • FDA approved device
  • Covered by most insurance including Medicaid (with appropriate medical documentation).


BabyBrace offers bi-modal orthotic support where you need it most. Protect your spine’s curvature and eliminate back pain comfortably.

Don't Let Back Pain Ruin Your Pregnancy

During Pregnancy approximately 50-80% of women will experience lower back pain
This number increases with risk factors:

  • Obesity
  • Prior herniated disc
  • History of back pain
  • Prior Injury
  • Age

The most frequent cause of Pregnancy Related Back Pain (PRBP) during pregnancy is actually caused by alterations in the body habitus.  These alterations are a direct result of the pregnancy itself.

Why BabyBrace® Works

Increased belly weight during pregnancy shifts the center of gravity (COG) anteriorly (toward the front). The body compensates for this by increasing lordotic curvature and rotating the pelvis anteriorly. BabyBrace® dynamically contours to the patient, placing the COG in a more natural and physiologically appropriate position. This reduces stresses on the spine’s supporting muscles,  thereby alleviating pain.

BabyBrace® device is an FDA approved Medical Grade Device designed to: 

  • Improve the COG changes that cause back pain
  • Adjust to patient (Size & Shape) changes
  • Adapt to the body habitus variations during pregnancy
  • Provide Modularity for post-natal use


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