Lansinoh Signature Pro® Double Electric Breast Pump with Tote Bag

Lansinoh Signature Pro® Double Electric Breast Pump with Tote Bag


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If you are in Idaho, we can bill insurance directly after eligibility verification. Just fill out the order form and submit to us per instructions on the form. Some pumps are 100% covered with insurance and some will require an upgrade fee before billing insurance. We will contact you for these after eligibility is verified.


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Key Features

  • ComfortFit® flanges with soft, flexible rims hug your curves for ideal fit and suction
  • Hospital strength suction to maximize milk flow with 8 adjustable suction levels
  • 3 pumping styles to mimic baby’s natural feeding patterns
  • 2-phase technology with let down and expression modes for more breastmilk in less time
  • Conveniently pump into Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags to save time
  • Hygienic closed system helps prevent milk backup into tubing for easier cleanup
  • Breastmilk expression set parts are dishwasher safe, BPA and BPS free

Whats Included

• 1 Lansinoh® Signature Pro® Double Electric Breast Pump
• 2 Lansinoh® breastmilk collection bottles (5oz)
• 2 ComfortFit® flanges (25mm)
• 2 flange bodies
• 2 diaphragms
• 2 diaphragm caps
• 1 NaturalWave® nipple (Slow Flow)
• 1 nipple collar
• 1 nipple cover
• 2 bottle storage lids
• 2 white valves (+2 extra)
• 3 connection tubes
• 1 Y tubing connector
• 1 pump connector
• 1 AC adapter
• 1 tote bag
• 1 instruction booklet

Suggestions For Use

Use with a pumping bra for convenient hands-free pumping.

For cordless pumping, insert 6 AA batteries (not included) into the battery compartment. Also learn more about our Pump Car Adapter for pumping on the go.


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